Our Staff


Braemar Primary School

Mrs Jacqueline Maclean                               Head Teacher

P1-4    Mrs Grace Robson                            Class Teacher

P5-7    Mrs Jacqueline Maclean                 Class committed Thursday-Friday

P5-7    Mrs Rebecca McKnight                   Class Teacher -part time, Mon-Wed



Ms Julie Polson                   Early Years Senior Practitioner  ( Ballater and Braemar Nurseries)

Mrs Abigail Finney              Early Years Lead Practitioner ( Full time)

Miss Alison Pollard             Early Years Practitioner ( Full time)

Mrs Anna Kellas                  Early Years Practitioner ( Ballater and Braemar Nurseries)

Miss Georgina Callard       Early Years Support Worker. ( Ballater and Braemar Nurseries)


Pupil Support

Mrs Laura Bull                             Additional Support for Learning Teacher (Wednesday morning)

Mrs Julie Anderson                     Pupil Support Assistant

Miss Ella Gray                              Pupil Support Assistant


Additional teaching staff

Miss Katie Dickson                   Teacher of NCCT ( Thursday)

Office Staff

Mrs Kirsty MacFadyen            Administrator


Kitchen Staff

Ms Hannah Johnston           Catering Assistant

Mrs Paula Laird                     Cook


Janitorial Staff

Jacqueline Gillies                     Cleaner

Mike Ross                                  Janitor